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Protect Your Space with Our Roofing Services around the Quinte Area

Dafoe Roofing Ltd. understands that everyone wants to feel safe. As a homeowner, a business person, or an industrial worker, one of the main ways you can promote this feeling indoors is to have a sturdy roof over your head. Without it, you’d be vulnerable to the outside elements like torrential rain or freezing snow.

While you don’t usually even have to worry about covering your space, roofs can and do deteriorate over time. If you notice that your roof is leaking or feel that it might need an inspection, you need roofing services around the Quinte area. Throughout the surrounding area, Dafoe Roofing Ltd. can help keep you covered.

We provide the following the following roofing services around the Quinte area:

Roof inspections, including:

Thermographic infra-red analyses | Core analyses | Visual inspections

Preventative maintenance programs

Planned maintenance programs

Emergency leak repairs/24-hour pager

Roof replacements

Roof restorations

New construction roofing

Certified installations of Duradek™ membrane

Request a Quote for Our Roofing Services around the Quinte Area

To request a quote for our services, please fill out all of the required fields marked with an asterisk in the following online form. Don’t forget to include any project details that you feel will help ease the creation of your quote!

If you experience any difficulties trying to fill out our form, contact us. A Dafoe Roofing Ltd. representative will be more than happy to gather information on your project to help you get a quote.

Raise the Roof!

Experience the joy of having our experts install, inspect, or repair your roof.

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